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  The Clarksville Historical Society is making good progress in its effort to preserve the history of the local area and provide educational programs about Clarksville and the surrounding area.
  While membership dues provide critical funds for our operating expenses, they are not enough to ensure sufficient resources for administrative expenses, insurance, and continued storage and preservation of materials, as well as establishing funds for long term goals. These goals include renovating both the Woodside schoolhouse and the newly acquired M. B. Earl store.
  We need your continued help. We are a 501 (c)(3) designated organization, so contributions are tax deductible. We hope you will think of the Clarksville Historical Society this year when you make your charitable contributions. Please mail your check, along with the donation form to:
  Clarksville Historical Society P.O. Box 91 Clarksville, NY 12041
  Thank you for your support.
 August 2017 
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