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The Blacksmith Shop

Photo taken c. 1910
  The blacksmith shop was built c.1832 over the cave creek. It was most likely started by George Van Wie. What is certain, however, is that John Crookes was here during 1866. He is marked on the "1866 Beers Map," as living in the Harmanus Bogardus House with the blacksmith shop to the west.

  John, at the age of 10, entered his father’s (William) shop as a helper. At the age of 22, he entered his father’s shop as a blacksmith. On September 5, 1864, John enlisted in the 23rd New York Independent Battery. Later, he was transferred to the 8th New York Heavy Artillery. He served until the close of the war. In 1860, he married Sarah Ingraham, daughter of Lyman Ingraham. They had 5 children. All of his sons (3) were blacksmiths and there are many Crookes family descendants still living in the Clarksville area.

Photo taken 2013
  When Morgan F. Barber owned the blacksmith shop, he used it as a cooperage (barrel making). In 1892, he established a beer bottling business here in Clarksville. Mr. Barber was an agent for several large breweries.

  The front door step stone, from when it was used as a home, is still there. The building was torn down c.1969.
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