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The Clark House

Photo taken c. 1904
  The Clark House, a pillared Greek Revival style house, was built for Adam A. Clark. The house was most likely built by Harmanus Bogardus, a carpenter still living in the area. Adam A. Clark became the second postmaster of Bethlehem P.O. on November 30, 1826. The Town of New Scotland was taken from the Town of Bethlehem by act of the Legislature on April 25, 1832 (175 years ago). By order of the Postmaster General, William T. Barry, the village of Bethlehem P.O. was changed to Clarksville in honor of Adam A. Clark on April 16, 1833. He was the current postmaster, veteran of the War of 1812 and a local innkeeper. This was done to eliminate the confusion of delivering the mail to the remaining part of the Town of Bethlehem. Adam A. Clark became the first postmaster of Clarksville and retired on August 2, 1841.

Photo taken 2013
  Peter Applebee started the Applebee Funeral Home in the Clark House in 1904. Peter moved to the Clark Hotel, before going to Delmar. D. Lester Woodward purchased the house around 1917. He was an apiarist (bee keeper) and a New York State bee inspector. Mr. Woodward operated "Woodward’s Helderberg Honey" at the Clark house until the 195o’s.
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