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Harmanus Bogardus

Photo taken c. 1914
  This house was built by Harmanus Bogardus, c.1803, for himself. Bogardus leased this farm from Stephen VanRensselaer. He also built and ran the tavern (later, the Clark Hotel) across the Albany and Delaware Turnpike road (SR443). On March 31, 1829, Bogardus and his wife Harriet, of the Town of Westerlo, sold the 311/2 acre farm to Adam A. Clark of Bethlehem (now New Scotland). Mr. Clark paid $1,700.00 for the farm and tavern. He was already living in the house before the sale and probably lived here when he started Clark’s Tavern, c.1822. On May 26, 1838, Adam A.Clark and his wife, Betsy, sold the house to George Van Wie. Adam A. Clark retained the land in his garden, along with other pieces. There were problems with the land ownership.

Photo taken 2013
  Civil War veteran John (Jack) Crookes purchased the house and Blacksmith shop on September 7, 1864. He paid $1,500.00 for both and included a half acre ofland. He was a blacksmith and ran the blacksmith shop next door. He sold the house and shop for $1,600.00 on February 18, 1868. Morgan F. Barber owned the house from 1882 - 1918. Mr. Barber moved to Clarksville in 1877. His youngest child was Clifton who lived in the Meed House. Mr. Barber was an original stockholder of the Clarksville & Feura Bush telephone line and was a director of the company. On August 22, 1918 the house burned down during the Great Fire of 1918.
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