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The Meed House
  The Meed House was built about 1810 by Harmanus Bogardus for Judge Meed (Henry L. Meed). Judge Meed was a prominent citizen and the first postmaster of Bethlehem P.O.. He was appointed postmaster on June 27, 1812 and held the position until November 30, 1826. The post office was in the Meed House for 14 years and 5 months.

Photo taken 2013
  The Bethlehem P.O., established on June 27, 1812, was the first post office in the Town of Bethlehem (which included the Town of New Scotland before April 25, 1832). The Bethlehem P.O. was the only post office in the town for 12 years. Henry L. Meed was elected Town Supervisor from March 6, 1821 to March 15, 1822.

  Later, Harriet (Hattie) Flansburgh O’Brien lived in the house with her husband and 2 children. Hattie lived in the Meed House when she was writing her 1896 diary.
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